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no red beans in my crumble please

My husband was cooking up an Indian feast for my family and I wanted to finish it off with a fitting and delightful dessert. However, I do  not like eastern desserts. I mean, I know they are beautiful creations and … Continue reading

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A Sweet Marie Bar from a woman of white streak flavor

My Nana, she knew how to bring the house down with simple desserts. She was a woman from a time when pre-dinner drinks were the norm and marshmallow salad was a great accompaniment to any summer meal. She looked the … Continue reading

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a cake for the people: the ‘duff’

I love chocolate. I love it a lot. My favorite indulgence is to simply eat a handful of chocolate chips right out of the bag. Any time a dessert menu comes my way, my eyes immediately latch onto the chocolate creation and … Continue reading

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the peanut to my butter

As a resolution, this year I wanted to learn to make the elusive macaron. I procrastinated with excuses like: “I don’t have a proper kitchen scale” and “I should probably read about them again.” I was a macaron wimp. When … Continue reading

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spelling it out… with chocolate

Part of the reason I started this blog was to reflect on and write about the people in my life who I love to bake for. I wanted an excuse to really look for the unique characteristics, the passions, the … Continue reading

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