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a little rosemary flavour for a birthday

I have been wanting to bake something sort of unexpected lately. Whenever I see images of pink peppercorn macarons or cayenne brown sugar cookies or brown butter sage marshmallows I feel inspired and think, I should make something sweet with a … Continue reading

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Things my Dad says… ‘chocolate cake please’

Yesterday, I wanted to send a Valentine love-text to Ben, but not of the roses are red variety. I was in the mood for something a little more Ben, like skulls and cross-bones, but with love. So, I went to where people … Continue reading

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a party in a glass… or a cupcake

The girly-fruity drink: it always comes out in a super fancy glass, brimming in a rainbow of hues, and adorned with teeny umbrellas, lemon peels curled into ringlets and limes carved into shamrocks. And, the names… ‘Sex with an Alligator’ and the ‘Incredible Hulk,’ … Continue reading

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a birthday cakelette for my very own little ‘throw back chic’

It is weird for me to think of my sister being in her 30s.  Not because I cannot reconcile myself to occupying greater numbers of 30 than she, but because she is the ‘little’ sister. I mean obviously, it is static: she … Continue reading

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Sharing the love: popped corn

My sister-in-law, Shara, loves popcorn. She is committed to popcorn. She has popcorn specific bowls of multiple sizes and hues. As a birthday gift a friend gave her a package of those old-school popcorn boxes, which she will use… may be even … Continue reading

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A birthday cake for me

I love my birthday. It always arrives right on time, all  dolled up, just begging to be taken out and celebrated. This year someone asked me if I was sad to be a year older… time passing all too quickly and all that. So, … Continue reading

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