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The dixie cup reigns queen of the picnic

There is just sort of something wonderfully nostalgic about a picnic. “Picnic” embodies lazy afternoons where pretty girls in swooping hats sit on checked blankets in the sun drinking fresh squeezed lemonade delicately through striped paper straws giggling about the movie playing at the drive-in. At the edge … Continue reading

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Winning the battle… one granola bar at a time

All of us gals, I am sure, from one time to another have stirred our way into the thick of an inner battle between “eat it and enjoy it” vs “eat it and pay for it.” The rotund little devil on the left whispering sweet … Continue reading

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Cake ‘connecting’ with churros ‘connecting’ with spicy chocolate frosting ‘connecting’ with…

At the moment my fingers are sporting the most over the top neon pink nails. And, gasp, they are press-ons. While they are a new, hipper version of Sally H’s classic talons: shorter and funkier, they are still press on nails which just … Continue reading

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