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Suit up for a chilled hazelnut chocolate tart

Suits. It is clever. It is amusing. It is sexy. It is summer guilty pleasure television at it its finest. In case you are wondering what it is all about, here’s the low down… Harvey: charming-slickster-law-shark who says things like “I’m against … Continue reading

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A summer fling with a coffee bean: Mocha Shortbread Cookies with Ganache

On Thursday I listed the things I love about summer. It was a long one and I still managed to miss a few sunny-charmers like: Burn Notice is back, beer can chicken, earthworms, Mila (my hound) dragging her ears around her kiddie pool, pulling … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwiches for the first day of summer

I love summer. And it officially arrived today. Happy Summer Solstice Day. Summer means nights that glow until well past bedtime, dinners on the front porch, evening bike rides, corn on the cob sold from the back of a truck, … Continue reading

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Sweet Summer Sensation: strawberries, pinch cake and lemonade mousse

My neighbourhood has recently added a Thursday evening market, the 124 Street Grand Market to be exact, to its’ list of wonderful qualities. It’s an eclectic little thing with flowers arranged in bottles labelled “everyday bouquets”, vintage trinkets redesigned as pretty jewellery, vegan … Continue reading

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Collecting Caramel… bars, popcorn, and macarons…

I appreciate the act of collecting: surrounding yourself with things that remind you of places you have been, or things that inspire you, or even the memories of the adventures you went on while working to round out said collection. … Continue reading

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My caramel crush

Caramel sauce, let me count the ways that I love you: I love you on ice cream, in mousse, on apples, in tarts, on popcorn and, if I am completely honest, I love you most all alone straight from the jar. But you … Continue reading

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