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The Peach Raspberry Crumble Cake Confessionals

“I ate a timbit.” This is a copy of the email, the entire email, I received from my sister on a Tuesday afternoon. We had started a month-long health challenge that Monday. The rules are different for each of us, but basically we each … Continue reading

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Introducing the Potato Chip Cookie with Caramel

For me, a handful of chocolate chips headed for my mouth is a happy happy thought (I actually have to keep the bag high up, so I need a stool to reach them). A slice off a lemon cloud tart is like heaven. … Continue reading

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Eating blueberry maple tea cake in play land

I am not super creative with Lego. I can only pound play-dough into shapes for so long. I think Elmo referring to himself solely in the third person is kind of annoying. I tire of driving cars off coffee tables … Continue reading

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