Tangled Christmas Lights and After Eight Cookies for the Holidays

After Eight Cookies3 (1024x678)

I spend time looking at words. I spend time underlining certain words. I spend time remembering sets of words. I do this because I love when words come together to speak a complex truth in a simple way. I love words that stay with you. And if these words can also make you laugh while shaking  your head in agreement, this is an outstanding collection of words. For all the time I spend looking for words such as these, sometimes the best ones just tumble into my line of sight.

They have been scribbled on the back of a bathroom door, painted on a bridge, scrawled on the back of an old box, and this time, typed on a friend’s Facebook page:

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles four things:
a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.

I read this on my friend Sara’s page. I copied it immediately to this very page. I had to share it.

She is so right. For my own purposes, I might sub in ‘blizzard days’ for ‘rainy days’ since we have more cold and snow to deal with than rain… She lives just north of London.

I mean, who hasn’t seen some well put together woman lose her shit at the lost luggage counter? Blizzard days seem to make some people feel the need to celebrate only the negative. An elderly man with a hearing aid and wheelchair (and wisdom and experience) being spoken to in a condescending voice as though he were a petulant child. And unruly Christmas lights? Well, they can be the calmest of men’s unravelling.

And, there are also those people whose bags are misplaced on the eve of their destination wedding and they respond with kind questions and thanks for whatever can be done. Some people greet you on the mornings of blizzards with words of thanks for the beauty the snow brings. Some care-giving people absolutely shine when holding the hand and talking patiently to an elderly person. There are those people who can untangle lights with a level-headed approach that seems almost serene. And then there are those, like my Dad, who would ensure with a methodical approach the year prior, that they would never be subjected to said entanglement in the first place.

After Eight Cookies4 (678x1024)

That said, I hope none of you lose your luggage this holiday season; I hope you have cozy snow-covered days; I hope you have an elderly person who you love dearly to hug; and I hope your Christmas lights behave.

I posted this recipe last year, but it really is a winner. It is simple and tasty and a little different: After Eight Sandwich Cookies.

Enjoy xo

PS Sara, if you read this… looking forward to seeing you in January xx

After Eight Cookies2 (994x1024)

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2 Responses to Tangled Christmas Lights and After Eight Cookies for the Holidays

  1. Victor says:

    Keats wrote of a grecian urn “truth beauty, beauty truth” .You are to your very soul, the most prcious “urn” And you bake wonderful cookies!!!

  2. Lizbeth says:

    Lovely, I have to bake these cookies!!

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