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Things my Dad says… ‘chocolate cake please’

Yesterday, I wanted to send a Valentine love-text to Ben, but not of the roses are red variety. I was in the mood for something a little more Ben, like skulls and cross-bones, but with love. So, I went to where people … Continue reading

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a party in a glass… or a cupcake

The girly-fruity drink: it always comes out in a super fancy glass, brimming in a rainbow of hues, and adorned with teeny umbrellas, lemon peels curled into ringlets and limes carved into shamrocks. And, the names… ‘Sex with an Alligator’ and the ‘Incredible Hulk,’ … Continue reading

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Sharing the love: popped corn

My sister-in-law, Shara, loves popcorn. She is committed to popcorn. She has popcorn specific bowls of multiple sizes and hues. As a birthday gift a friend gave her a package of those old-school popcorn boxes, which she will use… may be even … Continue reading

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A birthday cake for me

I love my birthday. It always arrives right on time, all  dolled up, just begging to be taken out and celebrated. This year someone asked me if I was sad to be a year older… time passing all too quickly and all that. So, … Continue reading

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mmmmm…. pictures

As you are all aware, I am better with the oven than I am with the camera. My food photos are amatuer at best, but I do try. A while back, my friend Justina and her beautiful daughter came by my place … Continue reading

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Trees in protest and apples in the oven

I live on a street lined with old trees and these old trees turned a beautiful burnt orange last week. And this week, with the resigned knowledge that comes with many seasons passed, these trees have thrown their gorgeous ornaments all over my lawn as though they are stamping … Continue reading

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spelling it out… with chocolate

Part of the reason I started this blog was to reflect on and write about the people in my life who I love to bake for. I wanted an excuse to really look for the unique characteristics, the passions, the … Continue reading

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