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The little things… like chocolate mice

Not all the things that make life feel alive are the big things. Often they are the in between bits, the extras that rarely star in our life-tales, but I think can be the pixie dust that sparks the flights that do. There are the little things that … Continue reading

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A summer fling with a coffee bean: Mocha Shortbread Cookies with Ganache

On Thursday I listed the things I love about summer. It was a long one and I still managed to miss a few sunny-charmers like: Burn Notice is back, beer can chicken, earthworms, Mila (my hound) dragging her ears around her kiddie pool, pulling … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwiches for the first day of summer

I love summer. And it officially arrived today. Happy Summer Solstice Day. Summer means nights that glow until well past bedtime, dinners on the front porch, evening bike rides, corn on the cob sold from the back of a truck, … Continue reading

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Cake ‘connecting’ with churros ‘connecting’ with spicy chocolate frosting ‘connecting’ with…

At the moment my fingers are sporting the most over the top neon pink nails. And, gasp, they are press-ons. While they are a new, hipper version of Sally H’s classic talons: shorter and funkier, they are still press on nails which just … Continue reading

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Denying the Dollar Bills and Eating Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

It is likely that no one would describe me as thrifty. I appreciate and am a bit envious of people who are, especially those who do it with style. You know the people I am talking about, the ones who put … Continue reading

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“I see London, I see France, I see a chocolate chip meringue…”

“I do not wear shorts.” It is a simple, cut and dry rule. There are not a lot of sub-sections or appendices to get caught up in. I mean, shorts can easily be interpreted as skirts which end above the knee: acceptable, but only when chaperoned by a pair of … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Cream Pie for those southern days that wangle their way up north

This is the text that I received a couple of weeks back, “Shameer wanted me to suggest that it seems like fried chicken weather lately.” After I stopped laughing, I thought about it and it is true, spring is encroaching… It … Continue reading

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