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I believe in… Peanut Butter Pie Cups

I collect clever insights, witty musings and sweet ideas on a pinterest board. I search for words that ring true to me. I am a little picky on words of advice, I shy away from many of the frequently quoted quotes and lean … Continue reading

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Suit up for a chilled hazelnut chocolate tart

Suits. It is clever. It is amusing. It is sexy. It is summer guilty pleasure television at it its finest. In case you are wondering what it is all about, here’s the low down… Harvey: charming-slickster-law-shark who says things like “I’m against … Continue reading

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A summer fling with a coffee bean: Mocha Shortbread Cookies with Ganache

On Thursday I listed the things I love about summer. It was a long one and I still managed to miss a few sunny-charmers like: Burn Notice is back, beer can chicken, earthworms, Mila (my hound) dragging her ears around her kiddie pool, pulling … Continue reading

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Denying the Dollar Bills and Eating Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

It is likely that no one would describe me as thrifty. I appreciate and am a bit envious of people who are, especially those who do it with style. You know the people I am talking about, the ones who put … Continue reading

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Raspberry Chocolate Cake to celebrate spark and spunk

For some reason the raspberries are really good right now: flavor filled buttons of rouge. This should not be; there are still remnants of snow hanging about and nothing has sprouted from the frozen earth in 6 months. I am sure they were piled high … Continue reading

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Chocolate cookies to warm a big heart

You know when you sit down at a restaurant and the server tells you about the specials and it comes out as saffron infused blah blah topped with a truffled goat cheese mousse drizzled with some sort of reduction, and while you are pretty sure … Continue reading

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A Sweet Marie Bar from a woman of white streak flavor

My Nana, she knew how to bring the house down with simple desserts. She was a woman from a time when pre-dinner drinks were the norm and marshmallow salad was a great accompaniment to any summer meal. She looked the … Continue reading

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