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Indulging in a grown-up ice cream cake

Guilty pleasures: the things you love but do not like to admit you love, feel too refined to love, feel too informed to love. This is for you… ladies who read People magazine in the check out aisle because “you’re bored,” but may just … Continue reading

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The Peach Raspberry Crumble Cake Confessionals

“I ate a timbit.” This is a copy of the email, the entire email, I received from my sister on a Tuesday afternoon. We had started a month-long health challenge that Monday. The rules are different for each of us, but basically we each … Continue reading

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Eating blueberry maple tea cake in play land

I am not super creative with Lego. I can only pound play-dough into shapes for so long. I think Elmo referring to himself solely in the third person is kind of annoying. I tire of driving cars off coffee tables … Continue reading

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Sweet Summer Sensation: strawberries, pinch cake and lemonade mousse

My neighbourhood has recently added a Thursday evening market, the 124 Street Grand Market to be exact, to its’ list of wonderful qualities. It’s an eclectic little thing with flowers arranged in bottles labelled “everyday bouquets”, vintage trinkets redesigned as pretty jewellery, vegan … Continue reading

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Cake ‘connecting’ with churros ‘connecting’ with spicy chocolate frosting ‘connecting’ with…

At the moment my fingers are sporting the most over the top neon pink nails. And, gasp, they are press-ons. While they are a new, hipper version of Sally H’s classic talons: shorter and funkier, they are still press on nails which just … Continue reading

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Raspberry Chocolate Cake to celebrate spark and spunk

For some reason the raspberries are really good right now: flavor filled buttons of rouge. This should not be; there are still remnants of snow hanging about and nothing has sprouted from the frozen earth in 6 months. I am sure they were piled high … Continue reading

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Things my Dad says… ‘chocolate cake please’

Yesterday, I wanted to send a Valentine love-text to Ben, but not of the roses are red variety. I was in the mood for something a little more Ben, like skulls and cross-bones, but with love. So, I went to where people … Continue reading

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