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The little things… like chocolate mice

Not all the things that make life feel alive are the big things. Often they are the in between bits, the extras that rarely star in our life-tales, but I think can be the pixie dust that sparks the flights that do. There are the little things that … Continue reading

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Introducing the Potato Chip Cookie with Caramel

For me, a handful of chocolate chips headed for my mouth is a happy happy thought (I actually have to keep the bag high up, so I need a stool to reach them). A slice off a lemon cloud tart is like heaven. … Continue reading

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For my man… twix bars made at home

Every year, to celebrate my husband’s birthday we have a party in our back yard. It is our summer thing. Every year, I sort of work to make this party my gift to him. I cook, bake, chop, chill, marinate, clean, decorate and … Continue reading

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Collecting Caramel… bars, popcorn, and macarons…

I appreciate the act of collecting: surrounding yourself with things that remind you of places you have been, or things that inspire you, or even the memories of the adventures you went on while working to round out said collection. … Continue reading

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My caramel crush

Caramel sauce, let me count the ways that I love you: I love you on ice cream, in mousse, on apples, in tarts, on popcorn and, if I am completely honest, I love you most all alone straight from the jar. But you … Continue reading

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Cake ‘connecting’ with churros ‘connecting’ with spicy chocolate frosting ‘connecting’ with…

At the moment my fingers are sporting the most over the top neon pink nails. And, gasp, they are press-ons. While they are a new, hipper version of Sally H’s classic talons: shorter and funkier, they are still press on nails which just … Continue reading

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